What is EMS?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation devices send impulses directly to your nerves, causing muscles to contract.

Slendertone body toning devices exercise the same muscles as conventional exercise.

Unique patented technology

With over 50 years experience in EMS, Slendertone focus on creating powerful devices, which are manufactured to medical standards, and are as comfortable as possible.

Our Ab Belts exercise all four abdominal muscles, including the six pack and transverse abdominis, using our patented three gel pad placement. This provides an even distribution of pulse for a complete abdominal workout.

50Hz electrical pulse frequency

Proven to give maximum muscle toning (unlike competitor brands which only use 20Hz).

Decades of research

Perfected by scientists for over 50 years and backed by independent clinical trials.

Compare ab toning belts
Signals sent from device .
To the nerves .
That stimulate muscles .
Resulting in flatter abs .