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Anne Verified Buyer

“I love my slendertone, it has really helped me to change my shape, I have lost inches off my waist and I feel confident wearing smaller jeans”

Gary Verified Buyer

“What a great product. I was a little skeptical at first but within a couple of sessions I could feel the difference, I now have a much stronger core and have had no back pains since I have been using it.“

Rita Verified Buyer

“My hubby bought this for me after having our second child (i did ask for it!!) It works, my tummy is flatter and firmer and I feel better and stronger around my core. It’s really easy to use and set up.“

Lee Verified Buyer

“Great Product, is perfect for a person that doesn’t have the time to go to the gym or wants to do tasks on the go and get an ab workout at the same time”

Success stories “I fit into my old clothes and I feel strong, confident and healthy”

Liz is a busy new mum who wanted to re-gain her confidence along with her pre-pregnancy body.

With more than 10 million products sold worldwide, Slendertone has many more real life stories, customers reviews and bloggers reviews.
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Clinically Proven Results
Improve muscle strength Average increase in abdominal strength experienced by all users from 4 weeks
Reduce your waistline Average reduction in waistline size experienced by all users after 8 weeks
Improve body confidence 77% of users felt more positive about their shape after 8 weeks
How to use Slendertone Use Slendertone 20-30 minutes a day, 5 times a week, and see results from 4 weeks.

Simply put Slendertone on, press the button and start toning instantly. It’s that easy!
How it works
Make Slendertone part of your daily routine
Taking time out Fit in a toning session while you take some time out from your busy life
On the move Combine with activities such as walking, jogging, running or exercise classes for faster results
Winding down Make the most of your evening routine and use while relaxing at home
How does Slendertone work? Slendertone body toning devices, which are manufactured to medical standards, use Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to mimic regular exercise, resulting in stronger, firmer and more toned muscles. Find out more
Who we are With 50 years of medical experience, we are the world leader in wearable technology.

As a private Irish company our HQ is in Galway in the West of Ireland, with offices and employees around the world.
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