Clinical Research Results

Clinical research with Slendertone products have consistently revealed the following user derived benefits following Slendertone EMS training:

Increased abdominal


Increased abdominal 


Increased abdominal



abdominal tone

Increased abdominal 



core streangth

Improved abdominal

muscle tightness

Decreased waist 



body satisfaction


fit better

Supporting Research Articles

Below are some of the supporting research articles

Dr John P. Porcari

Dr John P. Porcari, Professor in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Results from this study showed that high intensity NMES can significantly increase abdominal strength and endurance compared to low intensity (control) stimulation. Both groups also observed improvements in body image and perception of abdominal muscle firmness and tone.

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Alisa G. Anderson

This study found that in comparison with a control group, both walking and walking+EMS groups had significant reductions in a number of body measures and improvements in self-perception measures. The improvements on both body measures and self-perceptions were greater for the walking+EMS condition

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Dr. John Porcari

This study found that the use of the Slendertone belt significantly increased abdominal strength and endurance, decreased waist girth, and improved self-perceived abdominal firmness and tone.

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Claire Cullinane

This study found significant improvements in abdominal firmness, flatness and muscle tightness following use of the Slendertone Abdominal Training System while walking. Subjects in the treatment group reported that use of Slendertone while walking gave them a better workout than walking alone.

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Claire Cullinane

This study found improved psychometric measurements relating to improved body image and well-being among a treatment group of Slendertone users. The study also revealed improvements in perceived firmness, flatness, and strength. Objective improvements in abdominal strength, and flatness, were also seen.

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E. Ballantyne / Bernard Donne

This study found that 4 weeks of abdominal muscle training using NMES resulted in statistically significant improvements in abdominal strength and static and dynamic abdominal endurance. The significant increases recorded in the muscle stimulation group support the hypothesis that NMES can cause an increase in the strength and endurance of the abdominal musculature.

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Full list of user derived benefits following Slendertone EMS training

100% of users reported firmer, more defined abs from 6 weeks (with significant results from 4 weeks).

Increased abdominal strength

Increased abdominal endurance

Improved abdominal firmness

Improved abdominal tone

Improved abdominal flatness

Improved abdominal muscle tightness

Increased core strength

Decreased waist circumference

Clothes fit better

Increased body satisfaction

Increased satisfaction with the shape of the midsection

Improved body image and body confidence

Improved posture


Stronger bottom

Improved bottom endurance

Firmer Bottom

More toned bottom

More uplifted bottom

Shapelier bottom

Jeans fit better

Toned Arms

Firmer Arms