feel it working

Slendertone uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to penetrate and stimulate the deepest core muscles. It replicates natural muscle contractions by sending impulses from the Gel Pads to the 4 ab muscles causing them to tighten and tone in just weeks.

How does Slendertone work?

Technology that replicates exercise

20-30 minutes a day is all you need

Tone up anytime, anywhere

It's for everyone 

(18 to 80)

Using Slendertone

What does it feel like?

When you first start toning, you will feel a tingly sensation.

As you increase the intensity you will start to feel distinct muscle contractions. This is when our muscle toner (and you) are optimising your workout.

It should not be too uncomfortable, but you should feel like you’ve pushed yourself a little bit harder every time you tone. You should be able to hold a conversation, work at your desk or do chores around the house.

Clinically Proven EMS Technology

Personalized intensity levels

Engage all 4 Abdominal Muscles

50Hz electrical pulse frequency

Unique patented technology

With over 50 years experience in EMS, Slendertone focus on creating powerful products, which are manufactured to medical standards, and are as comfortable as possible.

Our Ab Belts exercise all four abdominal muscles, including the six pack and transverse abdominis, using our patented three gel pad placement. This provides an even distribution of pulse for a complete abdominal workout.

Which muscles are targeted?

Rectus Abdominis

The central abdominal muscles, these make up the sixpack

Internal Obliques

Tighten the waist and work on the love handles

External Obliques

Work these muscles for greater flexibility

Transversus Abdominis

Vital muscles for core health and strength

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