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Andrew Verified Buyer

“After the first week I could already feel a difference in my abdominals, they already feel harder and more solid. Definitely worth it!!!”

Louise Verified Buyer

“Started to use my belt in preparation for my upcoming wedding and it is amazing!! Easy to use, I normally put mine on then do my housework! Lots of people have commented how trim I am now looking!"

Ian Verified Buyer

“I bought this belt with a certain amount of cynicism but I will be the first to admit I was totally wrong. Both my wife and I have used the belt for a few months now and the difference it has made to our shape is fab. It really tones you up and takes inches off you.”

Julie Verified Buyer

“I’ve had this a few months now and love it, can watch tv and tone at the same time, win win”

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Slendertone Connect won ShortList’s Best Grooming Gadget.

“The evolution of Slendertone over the years has been huge and this is more evident than ever with the Connect Abs belt.
This smart device tracks your progress, allowing you to set goals and intensity from the app on your smartphone.”
Mark Tranter (House of Fraser)

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From AskMen review:

"If you - like me - assumed ab belts like Slendertone were the stuff of 80's fad-based quackery, then you - like me - are wrong."

"...Anyone that dares suggesting this device 'does the work for you' needs to immediately strap one on and turn it up to level 98. Once the spasms subside, then we'll talk."

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Liz's story

Liz is a busy new mum who wanted to re-gain her confidence along with her pre-pregnancy body. By the end of the programme she felt fitter, stronger, and was back in her most form-fitting clothes.

In six weeks, Liz has taken 4 inches (10cm) off her waistline and improved her plank endurance by 1 minute and 1 second.

“I’m starting to feel like the old pre-pregnancy, pre-caesarean me again”

Liz used the Connect Abs Toning Belt with healthy eating and moderate exercise.

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Rowly's story 

Rowly is a business owner who struggled to fit the gym into his busy schedule. With
Slendertone, he was able to tone and define his muscles while running his company.

In six weeks, Rowly has taken 4 inches (10cm) off his waistline and improved his plank endurance by 1 minute and 37 seconds.

“You can make a huge difference in 6 weeks without any life altering changes”

Rowly used the Connect Abs Toning Belt with healthy eating and an exercise program.

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