A Toned Tummy - The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Published at: 22/05/18

Imagine being gifted a toned tummy this Mother’s Day - a flat, toned, firm and strong tummy. With the Slendertone Ab Belt, that’s exactly what you could a matter of weeks.  When you are a busy mum, you can often struggle to find the time to prioritise yourself, your diet and your exercise regime. Kids’ activities take priority over gym sessions and cooking food that your kids eat takes priority over planning healthy meals for yourself.   That’s why Slendertone is the perfect gift for the busy mum. Slendertone Abs Belts can be worn anytime, anywhere - the school...

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How to enhance your exercise routine with caffeine and incredible coffee

Published at: 18/04/17

Caffeine has been proven to enhance performance while reducing our perception of exertion (fatigue). Here is your essential guide for using coffee with exercise, including timings, doses and healthy blends. How can coffee enhance my workouts?   Consuming caffeine before your workout accelerates metabolism so that you’re burning more calories during and after exercise. It has also been clinically proven to reduce food cravings and our calorie intake throughout the rest of the day (Schubert, 2014).   Most importantly, caffeine enhances focus while reducing your perceived work output (fatigue), which allows you to train harder for longer.It has been proven...

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How to start running on the roads and trails today

Published at: 07/04/17

If you’re inspired by the marathon season but brand new to running, our simple starters guide explains the benefits of adding some easy mileage to your exercise routine.   Why is running great for the mind and body?   Every run results in burned calories (even after exercise) and released endorphins, helping you look and feel amazing. Like Slendertone abs belts, running conditions the core and abdominal muscles, including the six pack and deep transversus abdominis. The meditative effects of running help you to destress and can even improve sleep, mood and concentration. Running 5-10 minutes each day at a...

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How to get active with your kids during half term

Published at: 30/03/17

When you’re a busy parent, finding the time for you and your fitness routine can be difficult. Here are some essential tips for staying active and having fun with the kids during half term and school holidays.   Introduce your kids to the great outdoors     Whether you’re exploring the wilderness on family camping trips or enjoying sunny walks on your local footpaths, little ones and grownups were born to be outdoors.   Finnish schoolchildren spend 15 minutes playing outside for every 45 minutes in the classroom to help develop learning skills, connect with nature, and reduce their dependency...

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Walk run and cycle your commute to burn fat get fitter and be happy

Published at: 27/03/17

Cycling, running and walking to work is perfect for squeezing more exercise into busy weeks, beginning days with less stress and more energy, and saving money while avoiding rush hour traffic and cramped public transport. Here are some top tips from three people who walk, run and peddle their commutes. Ride to work for a full workout “Commuting by bike lets you escape the monotony of being stuck on the tube every day,” states Josh, who rides 8km (5 miles) of roads and trails to work and back every morning. “It’s more than just a useful fitness boost. It gives...

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