Tone your way into 2022 with Slendertone. The New Year is fast approaching and so are New Year’s resolutions. Make your goal this year to be a happier, healthier, and more toned you. We have the perfect four steps for you to kick-start the New Year as you mean to go on: stronger and more confident in your shape.

  1. Charge Up Your Slendertone

Your Slendertone is the key to saving time while staying toned this new year. Charge up your Slendertone and get ready to gear up! Think about your daily tasks that only take a half an hour, like tidying before the family visits for example. Getting ready for a New Year’s party? Cleaning up after the Christmas festivities? Maybe it’s your turn to cook the family roast! You can switch on your muscles and tone up while doing all of these things, just with the click of a button.

  1. Stick to a Workout Routine

A great way to look good and feel good is to commit to a workout routine. Whether you’re back in the gym or working out from the comfort of your home, a workout routine that suits you will be an important part of your day. Start simple and don’t put pressure on yourself to fit in an hour HIIT session every day. Our solution to help boost your workout? Incorporate your Slendertone. Are you loving the idea of a stronger core and a more active routine? Time to make that happen with the Evolve Abs 6 Week Guided Toning Plan. Unlock a new programme each week and feel how the programmes get stronger as you do, meaning you’re constantly challenging yourself and seeing the progress.

  1. Start Healthy Meal Planning

A healthy gut equals a healthy mind and this all boils down to eating well. Feeling sluggish? Introduce mangos, avocados, and cabbage into your diet as these are filled with vitamins and minerals and help provide the energy you need for your workouts. Need some simple breakfast recipes to get you motivated? Check out one of our most popular blogs to get a super easy Fresh Cherry & Cranberry Bircher Muesli recipe. Healthy eating just got easier.

  1. Grab a Friend

Want to really stick to your routine this year? Grab a friend and set up some similar goals to both challenge and motivate each other to excel at them every day. Our Connect Abs has a personalised coaching and motivation progress tracker with toning reminders, so even if you forget about your toning session, your Connect Abs won’t. Whether you’re working out, toning up, or eating healthy, having someone to do it with makes it that much easier. Who will be your toning partner this new year?

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