Is Slendertone Connect compatible with my iOS or Android device?

Published at: 01/03/17

Our simple step-by-step guide shows you how to check compatibility and easily update the firmware on your Slendertone Connect. What phones and tablets are compatible with Slendertone Connect? Our app-controlled abs training belt is compatible with iOS and Android 4.4 or newer smart devices. If you’re still unsure about your device’s compatibility, consult our compatibility chart. What if my smart device is compatible but I cannot wirelessly pair it with the abs belt? If you are experiencing problems pairing your controller with your iOS or Android smart device, your controller may not have the latest firmware. What do I need...

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What makes Slendertone the best abs belt on the market?

Published at: 21/12/16

We’ve always believed that our cutting-edge EMS technology and patented designs make our toning belts the best in the business, but don’t just take our word for it. This is what makes Slendertone the most effective and essential abs training accessory on the market. Designed for comfort, convenience and busy lifestyles, so that you can tone anywhere and anytime Our training belts are design with comfort and convenience at the forefront, so that you can squeeze a toning session easily into the busiest workday or family weekend. The slimline design of our compression belts allows you to discreetly tone wherever...

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Behind the scenes with Slendertone: real users

Published at: 14/12/16

Take a closer, behind-the-scenes look at the real Slendertone users and their incredible results at the heart of our brand new site and campaign, dedicated to helping more people look and feel their very best in their everyday lives. In September, we met some amazing people who wanted a new challenge In an underground studio in Bermondsey, London, we interviewed over 20 people about their active (and not so active) lifestyles. Naturally, everyone had their own personal goals, from improving body confidence to getting fitter with a more focussed exercise routine. In the end, we picked 4 people with 4...

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5 top tips for improving posture in the office

Published at: 05/12/16

Whether it’s in the office, on your commute or at home, how many hours do you spend sat down? If it’s 8-9 hours every day, you’re not alone (even active people can total this much behind a desk). Here are 5 ways to promote good posture to reduce back pain, boost health and tone-up your abs. Maximise comfort first Before we look at accessories, here are some office ergonomics to boost your posture and comfort: Align ears, shoulders and hips If your ears, shoulders and hips are vertically aligned like a ruler, it means that you’re sitting straight. Roll back...

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5 Reasons Wearables Work

Published at: 23/10/16

Here are five reasons why you need to stick to using your wearable when you’re on a mission to tone-up and be healthy: They offer tailor-made planning Apps and wearables pick up personal information about us that can help shape our plans. We’re all different, so following a tailored program saves time and will help you reach your goals more quickly. Our body shape and DNA can have an impact on whether or not we’re suited to endurance or power training and, over time, your needs and abilities will change. For example, you may have baby weight to lose, meaning...

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