A Toned Tummy - The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Published at: 22/05/18

Imagine being gifted a toned tummy this Mother’s Day - a flat, toned, firm and strong tummy. With the Slendertone Ab Belt, that’s exactly what you could a matter of weeks.  When you are a busy mum, you can often struggle to find the time to prioritise yourself, your diet and your exercise regime. Kids’ activities take priority over gym sessions and cooking food that your kids eat takes priority over planning healthy meals for yourself.   That’s why Slendertone is the perfect gift for the busy mum. Slendertone Abs Belts can be worn anytime, anywhere - the school...

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How to get active with your kids during half term

Published at: 30/03/17

When you’re a busy parent, finding the time for you and your fitness routine can be difficult. Here are some essential tips for staying active and having fun with the kids during half term and school holidays.   Introduce your kids to the great outdoors     Whether you’re exploring the wilderness on family camping trips or enjoying sunny walks on your local footpaths, little ones and grownups were born to be outdoors.   Finnish schoolchildren spend 15 minutes playing outside for every 45 minutes in the classroom to help develop learning skills, connect with nature, and reduce their dependency...

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Quick tips for the perfect before and after photos

Published at: 16/01/17

Capturing the perfect ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo is essential for tracking your physical transformation. It’s also a great way to stay motivated throughout your training programme. Here are our top tips on consistency, lighting and posture, so that you can produce the very best progress photos and selfies. What are the benefits of taking ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos? Visually documenting your progress on a week-by-week basis is the best way to stay motivated while objectively monitoring those physical changes. It’s also a more reliable benchmark than the bathroom scales, especially when heavier muscle starts to replace fat and muscle firmness...

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Get fit and burn fat on the trails: walking and camping guide

Published at: 19/12/16

From long-distance, solo backpacking adventures in the mountains to family day hikes on local trails, walking is great for the mind and the body. Here are the reasons why you should start walking more, plus all the tips and kit lists you need to stay dry, cool and comfortable when exploring the outdoors. How does regular walking burn fat and improve fitness? Walking regularly offers a wide host of health benefits from lowering your body fat percentage (BFP) to improving your metabolic efficiency. Author Kyle Boelte measured the effects that one month of trekking had on his body, hiking the...

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Behind the scenes with Slendertone: real users

Published at: 14/12/16

Take a closer, behind-the-scenes look at the real Slendertone users and their incredible results at the heart of our brand new site and campaign, dedicated to helping more people look and feel their very best in their everyday lives. In September, we met some amazing people who wanted a new challenge In an underground studio in Bermondsey, London, we interviewed over 20 people about their active (and not so active) lifestyles. Naturally, everyone had their own personal goals, from improving body confidence to getting fitter with a more focussed exercise routine. In the end, we picked 4 people with 4...

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