Ever wonder how your favourite influencers stay in shape? We are going to let you in on their little secret… it’s Slendertone. There are endless ways you can incorporate Slendertone into your everyday lifestyle! Popular lifestyle influencer, Alisha, loves to keep her gym and Slendertone separate, popping on her Slendertone for that extra toning session in the evening. Fitness trainer Ellen makes sure to include it in her workout routine.


“On top of going to the gym and eating healthy, my abs have found the audacityyyy to be on and poppin”

Watching TV just got a lot more fun when you can tone at the same time. 200 ab crunches without leaving your house? Without leaving your couch? It’s a yes from Alisha! Getting ab definition can be tough. However, including your Slendertone into your daily routine will make getting ab definition “sooo easy”.

Alisha made it to intensity level 32 on programme 4 while doing the laundry and emails. She is so proud of herself. As she should be! “I can feel my muscles contracting, flexing, holding and then releasing”.

“I could see a difference and I was like ahhhh” Alisha couldn’t believe how good she looked after each toning session. You will be asking yourself “is that me?”, just like Alisha, because you won’t recognise your toned and snatched core!

If you want to see those ‘poppin’ abs like Alisha follow these three simple rules:

  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise regularly
  • Tone with Slendertone 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week


“ I love to use Slendertone after workouts or on the days I am on the laptop a lot”

As a health and fitness couch, Ellen is very particular in what she uses, and only shares products she believes in and knows her followers will love. This why she was thrilled when she found Slendertone, the key to toning and sculpting her abs. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to tone their abs while walking around the house, doing makeup or working on your laptop?

On the days Ellen wants to spice up her workout, she brings her Evolve abs to the gym with her. The Evolve abs has an active toning programme perfect for working out. Ellen started on programme 5 and now she’s on programme 8, feeling sore but good. “I feel like I’ve literally done 200 ab crunches.. my abs are legit sooo sore the next day!” Look at those results, she wasn’t lying.

Slendertone Evolve Abs Toning Belt tones, strengthens and firms the rectus abdominis (the ‘six pack’), the transversus abdominis and the inner and outer obliques. Try incorporating it into your daily tasks like working at your desk,  cleaning or catching up on your favourite show, just for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. It will eventually become a habit you love to do. Want to push yourself even more? Try incorporating it into your workout routine just like Ellen.

Try the Evolve Abs like Ellen and Alisha for programmes to use while relaxing or doing house chores and active programmes for when you are exercising. Or if you’re looking for progress tracking, motivation and toning reminders then the Connect Abs is for you.