5 Ways to Get Active With Your Kids

Summer is here and children are bursting with energy and excitement. We all want to make the most of the summer weather and soak up the fresh air outside. Exercise can work wonders for physical and mental health in both adults and kids, but it can be difficult to find activities that include the entire family. So, we’ve compiled a list of family-friendly activities that can be done anytime, anywhere and will ensure everyone is included in the fun!


Cycling is great in many ways: it’s an easy, low-impact cardiovascular workout that tones and tightens your legs and bum. If your children are young, stay safe and find somewhere flat and car-free like a park. Once your children get older (and stronger) you can get a little more adventurous and challenge them to a mountain bike trail or even a race.


Getting out for a walk may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s often underrated when it comes to its toning and weight loss benefits. Use this time out with your family as an excuse to explore mountainous scenic routes that will really test your fitness levels and make you feel the burn. Climb up hills and challenge your core stability - one hour of walking across unpredictable terrains will really help give your glutes a workout. Popping on your Slendertone ab toning belt while walking will ensure your abs gets a workout too – all while spending quality time with your family.

Hula Hooping

An essential part of getting kids involved in exercise is making it fun. Hula hooping is a fun activity that all the family can get involved in. Physical improvements such as increased core strength and flexibility have been linked to hula hooping, as well as improvements in co-ordination and attention. Remember, a little healthy competition could keep the kids hula hooping for hours!


A little imagination can turn anywhere into your own football stadium. Practicing ‘keepy-uppies,’ a penalty shootout, or playing a full game of football – all of these make for great family bonding. Whether you’re at the beach, the park or your garden, football is a fun-filled activity that’s sure to get the entire family excited.

Skipping Rope

Another fun activity for kids to try is skipping. With no complex games or rules, most kids will be able to use a skipping rope and do so at their own pace. Jumping rope helps to increase muscular strength and endurance, as well as improving bone density, reflexes, and coordination. Once kids have mastered regular skipping, they can challenge themselves to try criss-cross, double-dutch, or simply set targets to reach a certain number of consecutive skips! Another great thing about skipping ropes is that they’re completely portable so you can use them at home or on the go.

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