5 Ways to Make Slendertone a Habit

Do you find your routine becoming tedious and boring? A lot of the time a good routine can be helpful for maintaining both our physical and mental wellbeing. Especially now that many of our normal routines have been disrupted, it has become more important than ever to establish routines to keep us healthy and happy! A great way of doing this is by incorporating Slendertone into your daily routine. Wondering how? You’re in luck because we have 5 easy ways to do just this!

Start your day strong by wearing your Slendertone belt while prepping and eating your breakfast. A 2019 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that morning exercise improves attention, visual learning, and decision-making. Working out your abs and mental wellbeing all before 9am? That sounds like a win-win to us!

Sitting at your desk
Whether you are working from home or at the office, our ab belts are figure hugging and discreet under clothes. The most popular feature in our Connect Abs Toning Belt is that it is app-controlled which makes it incredibly discreet, perfect for using while sitting at your desk! You can adjust the intensity to help maintain fitness and bring in your waistline, all with the click of a button from your phone!

Over lunch
Did you know that a quick 20-minute toning session is the equivalent of 120 ab crunches? We think that over a short lunch break is the perfect time for squeezing in an ab workout! With Slendertone, you can tone up while you’re out for a walk, cooking up a storm, tidying up the house, or even while taking a well-deserved break.

Watching your favourite TV programme
Evening time is the perfect chance to tone up with Slendertone while relaxing. We always recommend using Slendertone as a compliment to a healthy lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your toning belt while indulging in your favourite TV show (Friends anyone?). By incorporating Slendertone into your routine, you save that quality time for family time.

Winding down before bed
Do you ever feel guilty about not getting a workout done during the day? The day can often come and go so quickly that you didn’t get a chance to fit in a workout. A great feature in our Connect Abs Toning Belt is the Personalised coaching and motivation, progress tracker and toning reminders to help you hit every training target. You’ll sleep easy knowing that you ticked another thing off of the to-do list before bed.

There are so many ways to include Slendertone into your daily routine and before you know it, it will become a habit you won’t want to kick!

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