Dina’s Slendertone Success Story “my core is a lot stronger”

Meet Dina, a 32-year-old, first time mum. Dina is enjoying the trials and triumphs that come with motherhood. With the arrival of her little boy, Dina’s busy lifestyle meant she no longer had the time to regularly exercise and was finding it difficult to get back into shape. Dina’s return to work was quickly approaching and she was keen to tone up and feel her best before she starts back into working life again.

After 6 weeks of using Slendertone , Dina lost 2.2 inches and is feeling body confident in time for going back to work!

In Dina’s Words:

“The past 6 Weeks have motivated me to not only regularly use the Evolve Abs toning belt, but to be healthier in general. In my first few weeks of using my Evolve Abs, I could see small improvements, I knew that by eating a little healthier and exercising a little bit more that I could see even better results!

After week 1, I completed 10 toning sessions. Much to my surprise, I could actually see definition of my abs. I generally used my ab belt first thing in the morning while getting myself and my child ready for the day ahead. As I became more used to the sensation of my Slendertone, I started to use it whilst doing some more strenuous tasks including cleaning around the house and walking the dog. I mean you can do almost anything whilst strengthening your core muscles, it’s really easy to fit into your daily life!  

After the first 3 weeks, I noticed significant changes in my stomach area. I felt my tummy was a lot flatter and my abs had become a lot stronger too! These improvements motivated me to start exercising a little more. I started trying to go for walks a couple of times during the week whilst wearing my Slendertone. Maybe once a week or so, I even managed to fit in an exercise class. It was here that I could notice the big improvement in my core strength.

 “I felt my tummy is a lot flatter and my abs had become a lot stronger too!”

The past 6 Weeks have helped me to focus on my goals and set my mind towards eating healthier, getting some exercise in, and wearing my Slendertone Evolve Abs. It is a great motivator for a healthier you! There is a huge improvement in my abdominal region – although I have a bit more to do to be fully satisfied with my body shape. Slendertone has helped me tone up and boost my confidence for my return to work. It’s a really powerful toning partner- not only am I feeling firmer and flatter, I am also feeling motivated to exercise more alongside using the ab belt in order to achieve my end goal!”

Dina loves to use her Evolve Abs watching TV, reading, walking and spending quality time with her baby. To kick-start your journey to achieve firmer, flatter abs like Dina, check out our range of ab toning belts!