Do’s and Don’t’s for a Flatter Tummy

When you're trying to tone your stomach, core exercises and Slendertone ab workouts go a long way, but what you eat also plays a huge role. Drinking enough water, eating fresh foods and following the primary nutrition principles will help you achieve a flatter and more toned stomach.

Try these easy-to-follow Do’s and Don’t’s to help you achieve a flatter stomach plus an all-round healthier lifestyle.
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  • Chew properly to help aid digestion and release all of the correct digestive juices
  • Eat non-wheat flours like rye, spelt, rice and oat to aid digestion and limit bloating
  • Try some non-dairy alternatives such as oat milk, almond milk, rice milk and quinoa milk as these may contain less saturated fats, sugar and salt
  • Use natural sugar alternatives, like maple syrup, stevia and xylitol, where possible, as refined sugars may lead to weight gain
  • Eat non-gassy foods such as carrots, spinach, watercress, avocados, lemons and radishes
  • Consume healthy snacks like nuts, seeds, crudités of vegetables and fruit, which are high in protein and fibre
  • Eat at regular intervals to keep your digestive tract working properly and your blood sugar levels stable


  • Gulp food or chew too quickly as this can upset the digestive system
  • Over consume processed wheat products, which is a common cause of bloating
  • Over consume dairy products as this can make the digestive system sluggish causing constipation and bloating
  • Add extra sugar or sweeteners, as these can ferment in the digestive tract causing bloating
  • Eat gas-forming foods like baked beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower
  • Drink carbonated drinks (for example cola and fizzy lemonade, etc). Swap for healthy alternatives like kombucha which improves gut health
  • Go to bed with a full stomach - eating too late can put unnecessary strain on the digestive system and can have an adverse effect on your insulin levels, which spikes your blood sugar and can lead to weight gain 

By incorporating some of these tips into your eating habits, with time you will see results. Small changes can help you achieve your goals of a flatter tummy.. add one of our Slendertone ab toning belts to maximise your results!