’Evolve’ from Beginner to Expert with The Progressive Toning Plan

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to working out. Once you start, it can be difficult to keep on track. If it’s a stronger core, guided plan or greater routine flexibility you’re looking for, look no further.

What’s new to Slendertone Evolve Abs is that we have developed a Progressive Toning Plan that challenges you to unlock new toning programmes across a 6-week period. With each week comes a stronger, more challenging programme to put your abdominal strength to the test.  Switch on your muscles, follow the 6-week plan and get the most out of your ab toning belt as you ‘evolve’ from a beginner to EMS expert!

Switch on your muscles with Evolve Abs!

Weeks 1-2

Considered as the ‘base camp’ of the 6-Week Plan. We recommend starting on Programme 3 for weeks 1-2. For those new to EMS training or returning after a break, start at an intensity of 20 to allow you to adjust to the sensation of the toning belt. Keep increasing the intensity to a challenging but comfortable level to really build up your muscles. You must complete x5 toning sessions each week on Programme 3, Weeks 1-2, to unlock Programme 4, Weeks 3-4. You will need to manually switch to Programme 4 by pressing ‘P’ on your controller.

Duration – 30 minutes, x5 Toning sessions each week

Weeks 3-4

It’s time to keep climbing to the more challenging weeks 3-4. Don’t forget to keep increasing the intensity. For the next step, you must complete x5 Toning sessions each week on Programme 4, Weeks 3-4 to unlock Programme 5, Weeks 5-6. To progress to Programme 5, press ‘P’ on your controller.

Duration – 30 minutes, x5 Toning sessions each week

Supercharge your workouts!

Weeks 5-6

Almost there! Weeks 5-6 are an advanced EMS workout delivered over 30 minutes. By now, you should really feel your muscles strengthen. Remember to keep increasing the intensity. Complete x5 Toning sessions each week on Programme 5, Weeks 5-6 to reach the summit of your 6-week toning plan!

Duration – 30 minutes, x5 Toning sessions each week

Challenge yourself!We recommend that you measure your plank hold at the start of Week 1, timing how long you can hold your plank will allow you to gauge your improvement as you work through the Progressive Toning Plan. After completing the 6- weeks, you will be an EMS expert! It will be time to test your plank hold again and you will find that your endurance has greatly improved! Plank is one of the best exercises to build your core strength and we recommend continually using it to measure your abdominal strength.

If you find yourself looking for the next challenge, why not try out the most powerful and challenging programmes on the Evolve Abs – Programme 6: Ab Power and Programme 7:  Ab Power Plus… these will put your new found abdominal strength to the test.

As you continue to use your Evolve Abs, push yourself even further to complete two toning sessions in a row. Or try one of our 15-minute Abs Blitz ‘Top-Up’ Programmes! For best results, we recommend using Slendertone as part of a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

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