How Jolene Achieved Stronger Abs to step up her Yoga Game

Jolene (AKA Mrs Arizona) is a whole health expert who is all about inspiring the high-achieving to create an indulgent yet healthy lifestyle. Jolene wanted to try Slendertone as her tummy area is a spot that she’s always trying to tone up. Check out her 30 day Slendertone experience in her own words!

Week 1 – “WOW, it feels like I did hundreds of crunches”

I just had my first Slendertone session and WOW it feels like I just did hundreds of crunches!! It uses electrical muscle stimulation to turn on my ab muscles. My tummy area is a spot that I'm always trying to tone up, so I'm excited to add a daily 30 minute @slendertone session for the next 30 days and I'll be sharing my results! I already work out almost daily and I plan to keep up my regular workouts. I'm excited to see what results I get when I add in my new Evolve Abs.

Plus, I love how I can multitask and wear this belt when I'm working on my computer, cleaning the house, or out for a walk. I just love saving time and feeling super productive! And if I have a day that I don't have time to work out, I'll at least be able to get my Slendertone session in, since I can do it anytime and anywhere!

evolve abs belt

Week 2 – “Slendertone keeps my summer abs program on track”

I’ve been using my Slendertone for the last 2 weeks and I love how convenient it is! I’ve made it up to level 50. Right now, I’m on vacation in San Diego, and when traveling I usually find it tough to get all my workouts in. But Slendertone makes it simple to keep my summer abs program on track no matter where I am... I just use it for 30 minutes per day, while I’m doing activities that I’d already be doing - like going for a walk or even just hanging out in the sunshine!  This is one vacation that I plan to come back from in even better shape than before!

Weeks 5 – “My core feels way stronger”

I’ve been using my Slendertone abs belt for about five weeks now and WOW I really notice a difference in how strong my core is!  I’ve been wearing my abs belt for at least 30 minutes a day every day, taking two days off a week - I love working my abs while I’m cleaning the house or going for a walk or even getting ready for the day!

Not only that, I notice that when I do yoga I am so much more stable and my core feels way stronger. It’s really helped to elevate my practice and I definitely will continue to use this belt!

evolve abs belt

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