Drum roll please! We would like to introduce you to the latest Slendertone ab toning belt, Evolve Abs! We’re incredibly proud of this cutting-edge device that was inspired by the latest fitness trends and HIIT workouts. Born from our customer feedback, it is designed to challenge you with a range of 12 brand new flexible toning programmes that easily fit into any lifestyle, with a focus on Strength and Power, and therein lies its beauty.   

Cutting-Edge Toning Technology

Not sure how Electronic Muscle Stimulation (or EMS) technology works? No problem! Slendertone uses EMS technology which replicates natural ab muscle contractions. When you are using Evolve Abs toning belt, you are engaging the same muscles as when doing conventional ab exercises, without having to get your sweat on. The device sends electrical pulses through the metal stud on the belt, covered by the medical-grade gel pad, which stimulates the nerves directly and causes the core muscles to contract.

Evolve Abs can deliver 
up to 200 ab contractions in 30 minutes

The Evolve Abs toning belt has been uniquely designed with Strength and Power in mind. As you begin your toning journey with Evolve Abs you will be guided on how to strengthen and improve your abdominal endurance with our range of toning programmes, suitable for new first-time EMS users and EMS pros.

Same Great Design, Great New Features

While Evolve Abs and Abs8 may look the same, Evolve Abs offers a redesigned range of toning programmes to really help you get the most out of your ab toning belt as you “evolve” from a beginner to EMS expert! It offers a greater range of stronger, more powerful, targeted toning programmes:

  • Progressive 6-Week Guided Toning Plan
  • 15-minute Abs Blitz Toning
  • 45-minute Advanced Toning
  • Exclusive Plank Partner Toning 
  • Suitable programmes for first time EMS users and EMS pros

These programmes vary in length which gives you the flexibility to fit a core workout into your routine no matter how busy you are – a 15-minute Abs Blitz Toning while getting ready in the morning? Yes please!

How to Use Evolve Abs

It is recommended that Slendertone Evolve Abs is used for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week for a period of at least 4 weeks to see results of stronger, firmer and more toned abs. For best results, we recommend using Slendertone as part of a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet. We want Evolve Abs to motivate you on your toning journey and really add some “oomph” to your daily routine.

Add some oomph to your routine 

As you become used to the tingling sensation, you can take on the challenge and push yourself even further to complete two toning sessions in a row! Or why not try out one of our 15-minute Abs Blitz ‘Top-Up’ programmes? The option is yours.

Why Slendertone Evolve Abs Is Perfect for You

If it’s a stronger core, guided plan or greater routine flexibility you are looking for, look no further…. There are many benefits of using Slendertone Evolve Abs, including:

  • Improved Abdominal Strength
  • Lose inches from your waistline
  • Firmer, Flatter Abs
  • Feel Stronger
  • Look and Feel Better
  • Clothes fit better
  • Flexible programmes to fit in with your schedule
  • Guided 6-Week Toning Plan
  • Targeted Ab toning sessions to focus on problem areas including ‘Love Handles’

Whether you’re a busy 9-5er, a new Mum or just looking to add the extra 10% to your workout, Evolve Abs will work for you.

What are you waiting for? Take on the challenge and switch on your muscles with Evolve Abs!