Is Slendertone Connect compatible with my iOS or Android device?

Our simple step-by-step guide shows you how to check compatibility and easily update the firmware on your Slendertone Connect.

What phones and tablets are compatible with Slendertone Connect?

Our app-controlled abs training belt is compatible with iOS and Android 4.4 or newer smart devices.

If you’re still unsure about your device’s compatibility, consult our compatibility chart.

What if my smart device is compatible but I cannot wirelessly pair it with the abs belt?

If you are experiencing problems pairing your controller with your iOS or Android smart device, your controller may not have the latest firmware.

What do I need to update my firmware?

  • Desktop or laptop which supports Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari.
  • USB charging cable (included with your Slendertone Connect abs belt).

How do I update my firmware? It only takes 5 minutes!

Follow these simple steps or watch the video tutorials below.

Step one: download firmware

  • Download firmware to your Mac or PC (this update is not performed via your smart device).
  • Once installed, locate and open the file (titled or
  • Click through the installer popup until it asks you to install the Slendertone Connect Updater.

Step two: install firmware

  • Locate and launch Connect Firmware Updater.
  • Connect the belt controller to your laptop or desktop using the USB cable. Ensure everything is securely connected.
  • If the Update button doesn’t turn blue, try unplugging and reconnecting the device and USB.
  • Update your controller (this can take a few minutes).

Step three: re-pair your devices

  • Once the update is complete via the onscreen prompts, reconnect the controller to the belt.
  • To re-pair your belt and smart device, forget the controller via the Bluetooth Settings menu.
  • Re-pair your control unit and smart device in the Slendertone Connect app. Now get toning!

Mac video tutorial

PC video tutorial

If you still cannot update or pair your devices, contact us or visit Slendertone Connect Help.

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