“Oh my God this is going to help me so much!”

As Maeva Dascanio says, Slendertone works! Maeva contacted us because she wanted great results, quickly. To help tone up her abs and glutes, Maeva tried out our brand new Evolve Abs toning belt and the Bottom Toner together. “I contacted Slendertone because I’ve used the Bottom Toner before for 6 weeks and tried it again 3 days ago and could really see the results [in my glutes]! It’s absolutely wonderful but you have to wear it every day. Oh my God this is going to help me so much.” To see the best results, Slendertone is most effective when combined with an active and healthy lifestyle.

For Maeva, she wears her Slendertone when she is doing chores around the house or even when she goes out for some fresh air! “When you’re cleaning or go for a little walk, it’s a little uncomfortable but it works.”

“It’s absolutely wonderful but you have to wear it every day.”

“I put my Slendertone on and I went for a really long walk today using the shorts (Slendertone Bottom Toner). You just have to remove the plastic covers the Gel Pads and stick them onto your glutes. It’s pretty simple! You use the controller, and you turn it on. I do it on quite a strong level because I need results really quickly! It’s a bit uncomfortable at a higher level but it’s wonderful! I’m on level 50 with my Bottom Toner, I do it for 25 minutes.”

Working the muscles in the same way as conventional abdominal exercises, the Slendertone Evolve Abs toning belt works the rectus abdominis (the ‘six pack’), in addition to the deep and difficult to tone transversus abdominis (which, when toned, gives a flat stomach). The ab belt also tones the inner and outer obliques. This gives you an intensive and inclusive workout of the abs that targets all the muscles, helping you to feel firmer and more toned.

We recommend wearing your Slendertone 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week to build it into your everyday routine. If you really want to see those results quickly, like Maeva, then combine your Slendertone to your workout routine so you can get the most out of it.

Get your Slendertone today or stock up on Gel Pads so that you never miss another toning session!

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