Making Morning Ab Workouts Enjoyable Again

Forget about dreading your morning workout because we have four ways to shake up your routine that’ll make you excited to wake up and jump out of bed! Don’t believe us? Grab your Slendertone ab toning belt and get ready to have some fun.
 woman on bed

Turn up the Music

Start the day off right…  turn up the music, dial up the intensity of your Slendertone and get your groove on. This mood boosting activity is a sure way to wake up that sleepy head. Put your favourite playlist on loud and avoid scrolling through your phone (no emails, no problem!). 8 songs for 30 minutes is the perfect length to get a dance session in, make your morning chores easier and also  fit in a core workout with one of our ab toning belts 
 woman skipping

Skip your way to toned abs

Want to find a fun morning activity that will help you burn calories and reduce body fat?! Our favorite childhood playground game is also used by professional boxers to help reveal those abs you have worked so hard for - skipping rope!  A great way to help you feel energized for the day ahead, no fitness level required, start off with 10 minutes of skipping rope and increase as your stamina increases over time! To add an extra challenge to your morning Skip, add your Evolve Abs toning belt.

children hulu hooping

Hula Hoop with the whole family  

What’s a fun way to embrace your inner child while also burning calories? You guessed it - hula hoop! Hula hooping not only engages the core muscles but it also burns body fat, making those toned abs more visible. This is the perfect activity to enjoy indoors or outdoors, do alone or involve the whole family in. Soon grabbing your hula hoop in the morning and strengthening those muscles won’t even feel like exercise, because it’s just that fun!     

workout with partner

What’s better than a workout partner?

Get your heart pumping every morning with a workout session that’ll improve your core. Grab your partner, kids or workout buddy and mimic each other’s ab workouts - a fun game of mirroring, the perfect way to strengthen those core muscles. It’s fun and motivating to try to keep up with your partner while doing some crunches, sit-ups and planks. The Evolve Abs toning belt even has an intense 2-minute Plank Partner program. Designed to be used while doing the Plank exercise and develop muscle strength and endurance to assist your plank hold!

It’s so easy to make morning ab workouts enjoyable and leave you feeling energised for the day ahead. It’s even easier to incorporate Slendertone into your morning routine. Never dread that morning alarm clock again! Check out our range of toning products here.