It’s time to supercharge your ab toning routine using Slendertone’s latest ab toning belt, Evolve Abs! Featuring 12 brand new flexible, powerful programmes, including a 6-week Progressive Toning Plan, Abs Optimiser Programmes, and new Abs Blitz feature, there is something to suit everybody!

We’ve broken down each of the 12 unique benefit-driven programmes so you can identify which is most suitable throughout your toning journey. So, let’s get started.

10 Programmes in the Passive Toning Category (i.e. only the ab belt is working to stimulate the muscles)

Classic Toning
Perfect for first-timers or those returning to EMS training

Programme 1: Initiation

Perfect for first-time Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) users. It allows you to familiarise yourself with the unique EMS sensation before moving to the more challenging intermediate level.

Duration – 20 Mins

Programme 2: Intermediate

For those who want to build on their beginners’ level of experience with EMS, or those coming back to EMS training after an extended break.  We recommend trying this programme before embarking on the 6-week training plan.

Duration – 30 Mins

Progressive Toning Plan
Challenge yourself to unlock new toning programmes across a 
6-week period

Programme 3: Weeks 1-2

Weeks 1-2 are the "base camp" of the Progressive toning plan. Complete x5 toning sessions each week on Programme 3, Weeks 1-2, to unlock Programme 4, Weeks 3-4. You will need to manually switch to Programme 4 by pressing ‘P’ on your controller.

Duration - 30 minutes.

Programme 4: Weeks 3-4

Keep climbing! You are now ready to progress to the more challenging weeks 3-4. Don't forget to keep increasing the intensity with each session. Complete x5 toning sessions each week on Programme 4, Weeks 3-4 to unlock Programme 5, Weeks 5-6. You will need to manually switch to Programme 5 by pressing ‘P’ on your controller. You can manually switch to Programme 5 by pressing ‘P’ on your controller.

Duration – 30 Minutes

Programme 5: Weeks 5-6

Almost there! Weeks 5-6 are an advanced EMS workout delivered over 30 minutes. Increase the intensity to a comfortable but challenging level.  Complete x5 toning sessions each week on Programme 5, Weeks 5-6 to reach the summit of your toning plan!

Duration – 30 Minutes

Ab Optimiser
The most powerful toning programmes - perfect for EMS pros

Programme 6: Ab Power

The most powerful programme characterised by multiple cycles of rest and
workout phases - delivers a high repetition total Abs workout. Use this once you have completed your 6 weeks programme to maintain and build on your abdominal strength and definition.

Duration - 30 Minutes

Programme 7: Abs Power Plus

If you’re looking to really challenge those abs for ultimate definition, then this Advanced Abs Activator is the one for you! The longest toning session at 45 minutes, it will give you a powerful, strong toning session to add the “oomph” to your workout.

Duration – 45 Minutes

Abs Blitz
A top-up or stand-alone programme for targeted 15-minute sessions

Programme 8: Total Ab Blitz

This programme can be used as a top-up or stand-alone workout. The Ab Blitz is a challenging and targeted 15-minute intense session which delivers multiple phases of workout activation for more toned and firmer abs.

Duration - 15 Minutes

Programme 9: Oblique Ab Blitz

This can also be used as a top-up or stand-alone workout. However, this 15-minute session focuses on the oblique ab muscles. Delivering multiple pulse parameters this workout focuses on firming and strengthening these shape enhancing muscles.

Duration - 15 Minutes

Programme 10: Power up your Plank

Use this programme to build the strength required to carry out one of the most effective ab muscle exercises around - the Plank. This 10-minute session is specifically designed to build muscle strength and endurance to assist and increase your plank hold, but it’s not designed for use while completing the Plank exercise.

Duration – 10 Minutes

The Power of the Plank:

The plank is one of the most beneficial and calorie burning exercises. Planks engage all of the abdominal muscles, arms and leg muscles, making it an all-encompassing workout and a more efficient way to exercise. Not only does it effectively burn the fat around your abdomen area, but results in an improved posture, flexibility, and a tighter tummy! Test yourself using the plank to measure your core strength and endurance at the start of your toning journey and measure and compare with your core strength improvement over time.

2 Programmes in the Active Toning Category 
(i.e. wear the ab belt while carrying out the following light exercises to stimulate your ab muscles)
Supercharge your workouts wherever you are

Programme 11: Cardio Toning

Maximise the benefits of any light cardio activity such as walking, light jogging or HIIT workouts, to strengthen the abdominal muscles while you work on your cardio resistance. Duration - 40 Minutes

Programme 12: Plank Partner

Get ready for a challenge! Designed to be undertaken while doing the Plank, these short bursts of stimulation are specifically designed to complement the plank exercise and develop muscle strength and endurance to assist your plank hold.

Duration – 2 Minutes

Note: your Gel Pads will need to be replaced every 25-30 toning sessions and can be purchased from Our top tip is to order your gel pads in advance so that you never miss a day if toning with your Evolve Abs belt!

What are you waiting for? Take on the challenge and switch on your muscles with Evolve Abs!