The Proof is in the Pictures.. Before & Afters

It’s that time of year again, you’re busy at work and have little to no time to focus on YOU! We know core strength and feeling your best is a priority now more than ever. But how can you achieve this? Busy professionals all over the world look to Slendertone for a top up workout session on those days they can’t go to the gym. And boy do they see results. Don’t believe us? Well, the proof is in the pictures so just take a look.


“I’m obsessed with my Slendertone. It’s super easy and practical. I use it every day before bedtime while I’m answering emails and checking social media. The results are amazing, my ab muscles are firmer and stronger. Highly recommend it”.


“Slendertone was an easy way to work on my abs while I was doing every day chores. After a few weeks, I felt the difference. And then after a few months - I saw the difference”.



“I've been using it religiously for 6 weeks. I use it while walking my dog, sometimes while I’m cooking or cleaning. Use this with your regular workout and diet routine and you won’t be disappointed. My core is stronger than ever before! I STRONGLY recommend it”.



“Definitely feeling great improvements in my abdominal strength and overall muscle definition. I will definitely continue to use it, I'm hooked now. Awesome product”



“I love using my Slendertone every night. I feel toned and tighter. The fact that I can use it while on my couch or sitting at my desk has been incredible for me, as often times I'm too busy to do a full gym workout. It's easy to use, comfortable, and I finally have some abs!”



“I really enjoyed my experience with Slendertone for the last 6 weeks. Before using it I was so tired of working on my abs and getting nowhere. After going to the gym and then using the belt I can physically see how much more defined my abs are. I never thought I’d be able to get abs but Slendertone helped me sooo much”.

We know what you are thinking… They’re amazing right!? You don’t have to sacrifice looking and feeling good just because of your busy lifestyle. Start toning with Slendertone today. 30 minutes a day, for 6 weeks. You will kick yourself for not starting soon, you’ll feel that great!

Choose the belt for you on our website, and thank us later.