So, what are Gel Pads and why do you need to change them? Our medical-grade Gel Pads are designed and manufactured in the US. Gel Pads have a have a unique coating that sticks to your skin to help conduct the pulses to your muscles safely and effectively, so you can tone comfortably. Gel Pads last around 20-30 sessions and the quality of your Gel Pads is the key to success of your toning session!

“Gel Pads are lasting well but am careful with them. Really enjoy using them and upset if I miss a day!”

How do I put on my Gel Pads correctly?

Each Slendertone product comes with a set of Gel Pads which have a grid pattern on one side and are black on the other. Remove the protective plastic covers from the grid side of the Gel Pads and discard these as they are no longer needed. Place the Gel Pads face down so the grid side covers the entire metal stud which evenly distributes the EMS signal. Incorrectly placing the Gel Pads results in less effective signal delivery and a lower training intensity.

Remove the re-usable Slendertone branded plastic covers from the Gel Pads to expose the adhesive gel. It is very important to keep these branded plastic covers, as you’ll need them after each session to keep the Gel Pads protected. Position the Gel Pads over the targeted muscles and press firmly onto the skin, fastening the device tightly to ensure a comfortable toning experience.

“I’ve been using Slendertone for 10 years now. The trick with making the pads last longer is to put a few drops of water on each one”

What can I do to make my Gel Pads last longer?

To prolong the life of your Gel Pads follow these simple instructions:

  1. Wipe your skin clean before using your Slendertone product. This removes any skin debris which can shorten the life of the Gel Pads. This also removes any skin moisturiser or lotion which may make them less effective.
  2. Once you’ve applied your Gel Pads to the product, avoid removing them until they have worn out. The less you need to handle your Gel Pads, the better for their longevity.
  3. ALWAYS cover the Gel Pads once you have completed your session. The plastic covers that come with the Gel Pads are designed for you to use as covers, but you can use any kind of plastic to cover the Gel Pads if you lose the covers.
  4. Once the Gel Pads are starting to wear, you can prolong their life by sprinkling a few drops of water on the back of the pad to rehydrate the Hydrogel substance.

“Arrived quickly, great price the more you buy the cheaper it gets fab”

Where can I buy Slendertone Gel Pads?

We highly recommend adding an additional 2-3 sets of Gel Pads when placing an order so that you don’t miss a day of toning while waiting for new Gel Pads to arrive. Buy your next sets here to ensure an optimum, comfortable toning experience!