Roses are red, violets are blue, nothing sounds better than a toning session for two! Spending a romantic day with your partner? Or having some quality time with your friends? All you have to do is supply the roses and the heart-shaped sweets, because we have the activities sorted!

Workout Session

I know what you’re thinking ‘why would we want to spend Valentine’s Day exercising?!’. Hear me out, play a game of ‘you go I go’. Flip a coin and the winner goes first. Pick an exercise, like ab crunches for example, and do one. Then your partner has to do two ab crunches. After, you’ll do three. Continue this process until one person can’t continue. Next, let your partner choose the exercise (no doubt it will be a harder exercise as a form of payback). This is bound to get your core activated, not only with all the ab exercises but also by laughing with your partner!


Maybe you want a more relaxing activity after your strenuous workout. If so, yoga is the activity for you. Yoga instructor Dasha Einhorn says that partner yoga is a brilliant opportunity to connect, support and deepen relationships; on a romantic or friendship level. You can start with Partner Breathing, by sitting back to back, paying close attention to how your breath feels as you inhale and exhale – specifically how it feels against your partners back. While you are already sitting back to back, challenge yourselves by doing the Backbend/Forward Fold. One person should fold forward, reaching their hands forward and placing their forehead down on the mat. The second person will lean back on their partners back. Both individuals should breathe deeply to feel each other’s breaths.


You and your gym partner don’t only have to work out together. You can also cook healthy meals together, which is equally as important. So whether you and your romantic partner are looking for a fun evening activity or you and your workout partner need to motivate each other to cook a healthy meal, root out that heart shaped cookie cutter, because you’re going to need it. Try baking our Chewy Chia Seed Cookies in the shape of hearts to put the perfect end to Valentine’s Day.

Connect Together

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to switch on and get strong with Slendertone! What better way to spend a portion of your Valentine’s Day than toning, but lets make it even more fun. Have you and your partner pop on your Connect Abs toning belts and swap phones. You are now in control of your partners ab belt. So increase the intensity while watching your partner ‘oohh’ and ‘ahhh’ with each contraction. Make sure to go to a level your partner is comfortable with, but challenge them at the same time.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go text your Valentine’s date and tell them what you have in store for them on the 14th. Whether you’re cooking up a storm, challenging each other to various exercises or simply relaxing and connecting while doing some yoga – Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to spend some time with loved ones!

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