There are thousands of Slendertoners around the world hitting their toning goals and we love hearing the success stories. Because you asked, we wanted to share some amazing results from our very own Slendertoner community with you. Our ‘Toners love the difference they see in their abdominal firmness and tone from using their Slendertone consistently over 6 weeks, as well as feeling all 4 abdominal muscles strengthen, including the obliques!  We love that Slendertone helps our ‘Toners to stand taller and walk prouder as they feel more confident in their shape when they use Slendertone alongside a healthy and active lifestyle. Want proof? Check out these outstanding results and reviews from our real users.



“I love Slendertone. After having kids, regardless of hours at the gym my core was so weak. I carry a lot of my fat in my oblique area and boy did this help me see greater definition! I love that I can lay down or read with my kids while toning my abs. I didn't realise my obliques were so weak until I used Slendertone! I would definitely recommend this to anyone.”


Using Slendertone, I can already see the difference in my stomach! I aim to reach a higher intensity every week.”



“It’s a really good product. I can already see a difference in my abdominal muscles after 6 weeks of using it!”



“I use Slendertone twice a day and I’ve been doing level 100. I can feel my abdominals contracting and can definitely see the difference in my muscle tone! 



“Slendertone has been great to use. I like how it’s wireless and easy to use. I have noticed some definition in my abs, with a mixture of exercise and healthy eating. I’m grateful for the progress especially since I’m starting to get older. Definitely recommend trying it out!”



“I am enjoying it very much! I can already see a difference. I’ve made it to level 40 and yes, absolutely I feel my muscles tightening”

Do you want to feel stronger and more confident in your shape? These toning results can be yours! All you need to do is start your Slendertone journey today. Introduce Slendertone into your day-to-day routine for just 30 minutes a day and after 6 weeks you will begin to see results and you won’t want to stop.

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